Shipping Calendar Idea

Had a thought - What if :

Create Calendar / Calendars by Warehouse (shipping locations) being shipped from.

Could you then link the need by date Calendar field or create a udf calendar and call it scheduled pickup date and post the sales order number on the calendar for that ship from location?

Then need to think how I would link or load in the loading dock number which could be a WH bin location assigned to the pickup.

Looking to kinda replicate the scheduling board as a shipping scheduling board so that they are able to see what is schedule to be picked up by location by dock.


It is possible. I would simply start with a BAQ and either use a UD Table or build a Dashboard from Receipts and Shipments.

Then you can use various HTML libraries to generate a Calendar from the data… or whatever, for the new Kinetic UI.

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THATS who made that tool haha,I remember y’all showing this outlook tool off but couldn’t remember who posted about it to link to this thread.