Shipping From a Different Site on Epicor

hello all we have a sales order on our system in england we have three sites on our company UK,Poland and KWE we have a customer that wants the stock from KWE so rightly I have changed all the releases to KWE site is the best thing to do now a customer shipment entry to deliver off from KWE ?

  • For parts that are assigned to the product group for which you have assigned a sales site in the Sales site field in the Product Group Maintenance > Detail sheet, when a sales order line is created (no matter what site into which you are currently logged), this sales site becomes the default “from” site for the order / line / release.
  • If you have not designated a sales site for the product group, the order uses the site into which you are currently logged as the default “from” site. If you always want a group of part(s) (product group) to be sold from a specific site, you would use the Sales site field to designate the sales site; otherwise you would leave it blank.

Liked the suggestion