Shipping Integrations for LTL

Does anyone have a shipping integration primarily for LTL?
We do very little small parcel which is what the two main solutions out there seem to offer.
We’re looking for a solution that could send out to or some other platform to rate shop, generate the BOL and schedule the shipment, then send the tracking info back into Epicor.

Aaron - We’re using Insite Manifest for everything, including LTL, but did some of our own customizations (automatically force shipments to go LTL or TL when volume or weights exceed parcel, push misc charges on orders, etc…).

Looking at my notes from Insights 2018 -
Version 4.1 coming in November will have more LTL with integration to the XPO/Conway API, and rate shopping for FedEx Freight… According to the Insite users group meeting at Insights (confusing, huh) said that rate shopping was added to V4.04.

What about rate shopping for contract carriers?

Manifest can do this.


Manifest’s rate shopping is limited, and may only support UPS, I understand this is expanding.

The LTL module allows you to add as many freight services as you’d like, you load the carriers rate tables via an import process. Works great once it’s setup.
Reach out to the Manifest team to review the functionality in detail

Are those rate tables you import static?
If they carriers change their rates, then I would have to reimport them, right?

Correct, you need to update them using the import tool.

I just spoke with our shipping manager - Currently we’re using a few LTL carriers, and have created our own rate shopping matrix in Excel or Access… Generally, we use a specific carrier, based on destination. We’ll see what Insite Manifest v4.1 brings…

Sounds like I’ll be giving Agile a call.
Thanks for the suggestions.

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