Shipping Query

Ok, I feel dumb now! Anyway, I am trying to qrite a query that will show me what we shipped, by date, that was for shipviacodes 22-26. But it keeps showing multiple shipto’s for the smae pack number. But when you look the pack number up, it’s only one ship to. I have:

ShipTo-(Inner)->ShipHead(Restriction ShipViaCodes here)-(Inner)->ShipVia

Any help or ideas is much appreciated.

Figured it out! My join on ShipTo and Shiphead needed alittle more help. So i connected it with custnum and shiptonum and that worked. Like I said, I feel dumb! LOL!!!

@Will79 remember in 10 some transactions have a separate ShipToCustNum that should be used to index ShipTo instead of just the customer number.

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