Shipping Release one on a sales order closes all open releases

I was told that if you Ship the 1st release on a sales order it will close all the open releases on the line. anyone know if this is correct?


Our experience here was that if there were multiple open releases on a single line of a sales order and our shipping department shipped the last release first, then the entire line would close. Since then, I have maintained my line>releases in a chronological order.

The only releases that should close a sales order release are the ones marked shipped complete. Order of shipping releases really shouldn’t matter and unless you short ship it and mark a release complete or ship it in full it should not close.

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This is what we were “taught” from our consultants and therefore we haven’t tried it others. The lowest number release is the one that should be shipped last. This is how we were trained and how we have trained our staff.

This is true, this is how you can accomplish a blanket PO.

That has to do with the lock line quantity checkbox. If it is checked then the 1st release is the “master” and must be the last release. I do not allow that checkbox to be set ever.

From Field Help:

Important: If the Lock Line Quantity check box is selected and you close the Master Release (Release 1) of a multiple release sales order line, any remaining open releases for that line will automatically close. To avoid this situation, always use the final shipment date for Release 1. You will receive a warning message if you attempt to close Release 1 when the other releases have not already shipped. If you unintentionally close Release 1, you must manually reopen the closed releases that have yet to ship.

Is there a way to close the entire line on an order if the quantity shipped has a backorder of some specific quantity or less?

Actions menu in sales order entry - close line

But that is manual work. How would I get it to close the line without the user knowing that it should be closed?

In Customer Shipment entry, you can check the “Shipped Complete” checkbox on the shipment and it will close the line/release short.

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Can I specify the the backorder quantity that it should be less than for it to ship complete?

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And can you have that checkbox checked at all times based on the rule?

So if remaining qty is 8.00 or less, we would want that shipped complete checkbox to be checked

If the person in shipping knows they are short shipping an order line they can mark the line complete in shipment entry. Otherwise they can look at the Epicor sales order backlog dashboard that shows open lines with backlog open amounts

We have too many orders and lines on each order for the shipper to go through each and see if it is short shipped. Was hoping for a more automated of a process. I would try to setup a BPM or customization, but not sure how that would look for something like this

@ypgpatel You can make an updatable baq that runs nightly and if the rule is 8 or less are open and ourshippedqty > 0 mark the release closed which would make the line also closed. If you use shiphed of shipdate of today and shipdtl to get todays lines/releases shipped it would run quickly.

I would probably add a comment that the release was closed by the auto process.