ShortChar Field in Work Queue grid


Does anyone know in which table holds field ShortChar01 from the grid in Work Queue in MES.

Thanks for any help.

You should be able to goto Help > Field Help to find out (right click context)

Most likely it’s JobOper

Hi Chris,

This is what I have on Field Help

That is just a dataset that is created in memory, it is sourced by AvailableWork, so look at the table there.

I’m so sorry for my ignorance. Where I should look for Available Work?

It’s another tab, but I just looked, it’s also blank. I’m pretty sure these fields are populated from JobOper

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hi @JarSie,
have you checked the Data Tools / Custom Column Like tab, usually all customized view fields are detailed there, for example SetupGroup under AvailableWork tab, is called from JobOper table SetupGroup field, however some displayed fields are -on the fly- (calculated/compared) fields which means it has been used on Epicor Base Custom script when launching this screens like this one ShortChar02 and many other variables and there is no way to know without decompiling the UI DLL file and analyse the code to see how Epicor is getting these values of such displayed fields.

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Thank you very much for such a detailed explanation. In the future I will know where to look for answer for similar questions.

Thanks both of you for help.