Showing Tooling On Jobs

We are looking for a way to display the tooling used on a job on the traveler. Any suggestions.

Hi Phil,

There are several thoughts depending on the packages licensed.

Some add tooling as a non-quantity bearing part and add it to the BOM.

Some add tooling as equipment/resource. This requires the Maintenance Module and probably APS or AMM if you want to schedule tooling.

I’m sure other will chime in with their preference.

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@skhan was also working on this same thing this week.

Hi Phil,

We attach our Setup Sheets and Tooling Sheets as attachments in the Methods Master via Engineering Workbench or under Part Maintenance, either works. If you are talking about fixtures that you reuse for each run of the part we also create the tooling part numbers in E10 (we use TN-XXXX format) and add that to the BOM as a 0 qty so we can do a where used on fixtures.

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We add it as a material at 0 qty requirement so it’s there for reference but doesn’t generate supply or demand.

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Hi Phil,
We are currently working on the same topic. Here’s my thought so far about the available options:

Tool/ fixtures as a Part number:

  1. Easy to add for the users

  2. Make the BOM messy - which sometimes make the users confused

Tool/ Fixtures as Resource/ Equipment:

  1. It allows scheduling the Tools properly. If you are using Finite scheduling, this will help you not to schedule multiple jobs at the same time which are using the same tooling.

  2. You can generate Preventive maintenance jobs if you link the tool resources with Equipment. (You need to have the Maintenance Module as @Mark mentioned before.

  3. Definitely more work for the users to maintain the tools as a resource and equipment - but it could be worth depending on what you are looking for out of it.,

  4. If you want to associate any cost to the tools, resource group will work better.

As I said, I have not experienced it yet, just thinking through the process. So any other suggestion or direction will be highly appreciated.

Tooling as a material placed on the BOM can provide a few pluses.

  1. Have on the BOM with qty/parent set to 1 and backflush.
  2. put 1,000 into inventory
  3. when inventory drops to 100, time to rework the tool to give it 1,000 more uses.
  4. using a job, you can “remake” 1,000 more of the tool, which will apply a cost to the job that uses the tool.
  5. You are able to track what jobs used the tool, etc.