Signature Pads

Good Morning,

Hopefully someone sees this soon, but does anyone have information regarding signature pads provided by Epicor? I believe the brand is Topaz? Had to reinstall on a terminal server and now getting ActiveX errors related to them not being installed properly. Any advice would be helpful.


What specific errors are you seeing on the Server and did you make any recent Server Changes? What Server Version?

Is the Client not communicating with the RDP Session or?

I know some users had to set Group Policies to allow COM Port Redirection what not between Client and RDP Session (Server).

Also check their Troubleshooting Guide, make sure you applied some off the things to your Server.

Typically make sure you have the .NET Framework installed they require (3.5 and 4.x sometimes)…

Long story short, was hit by Ransomware and had to rebuild the terminal server. Local pc’s were not affected. Installed the software on the terminal server and added the Sigplus.ini file to each user’s C:\Windows folder. Do the COM port need to be configured on the TS? Do I need to install the software for each user as they are logged into the TS?

Thanks for the quicl response. The P21 side of this site has been slow. Grateful someone is monitoring!

Thanks for the responses. Long story short, installed under a specific user and not the C:\Windows folder as it should have been. Once that was corrected, it worked fine.

Thank you for recapping, hope it helps someone else in the futuer - I marked your reply as the Solution.