Single employee can't open anything from any buttons in Kinetic MES?

I have an employee that can’t open anything from the Kinetic MES screen. Searching on the left and opening from there works. Clicking on buttons animates them like they’ve been clicked but nothing opens. Attempting to open application studio or options from the top right menu does nothing.

If I log in with my user and my employee number, I’m able to click and open as normal. If I log out of my employee and log in with this user’s employee number, the issue immediately happens even though it is my user that is logged in. This also happens if the problem user logs in with their own user account and employee number.

Are there employee specific settings or cache locations I can look for here? This is bizarre. I’ve tried clearing the regular cache like normal. Kinetic in the browser seems to work for the user, but classic MES also does this.

Robert - Did you figure this out? Did the employee have “Production Worker” checked on their Employee Details?