Single Tenant EMS Hosted Users - Being Forced to use parallels?


EMS is forcing us to start only accessing Epicor through Parallels. We will lose access to the provided terminal server via full rdp desktop access. As an Admin/developer, this is concerning for me. They are communicating they will publish whatever we need thru Parallels, but this just seems un-necessary. , mmc, bl tester, iis console, task manager to view server resources, etc etc are all items I use daily. Parallels already has its own set of issues like not re-connecting dropped sessions most of the time, dual screen issues, etc.

Are other Single Tenant EMS hosted customers being pushed in this direction?

When did they tell you? We are single tenant and I have not heard anything. I have a scheduled call with Fabio tomorrow for something unrelated so I will let you know if he tries to spring it on me then.

I would be absolutely livid if they do.

They have communicated getting us off for awhile now (we’ve been making a list of apps we need). Its taken us awhile to get all the stuff we need, so they told us the other day they were just going to take it away in a week. We need to train all of our users how to use Parallels etc so its a little frustrating.

Ahh. Everyone but me uses either Parallels or the smart client but that is our choice, not an EMS requirement. I wouldn’t be heart-broken about most people being required to do it, but I need to be able to remote in for the same reasons as you. Maybe I am just further down the list.

Why not move people onto the smart client instead of parallels?

Due to network latency with Epcior. Using the client with Parallels, the client is directly in the same network as the app/db servers which means better client performance. All that is being transmitted to and from us is screen/rdp data.

We use EMS with Parallels. I find the performance for most users to be fine. Smart client access for some power users is recommended. It’s great not having to deal with local client install issues.

I have one small issue with Parallels, related to DPI. If you use screen scaling in Windows display settings, you will see a delay using Epicor. I turned off display scaling, Epicor runs great but I may be going blind. I’ve played with the DPI aware setting, does not seem to do much.

I would definitely check out Windows Virtual Desktop

The licensing is supposed to be tied to your O365 license and since it is running in the Azure data centers I would think that the performance will be much better. Also, Microsoft just showed their xCloud service which will be streaming XBox games from Azure. The hope is their Windows desktop sessions are using the same super low latency tech that is required for gaming.

I really like this idea. I don’t believe that Single Tenant is in Azure at this time. (I think they’re in Rackspace or CyrusOne)