Single value to multiple value selection in a Crystal Report

I have a custom report for sales order backlog, it is setup for 1 Product Code, but I need to have it setup for 2 product codes.

Currently it is coded this way in the “Record Selection”

{BAQReportResult.OrderDtl.ProdCode} = “PC1” and

I need to have it selecting everything that is PC1 or PC2, but I can’t quite sort out how to adapt the change since

{BAQReportResult.OrderDtl.ProdCode} = “PC1” or “PC2” and

Doesn’t work

{BAQReportResult.OrderDtl.ProdCode} = “PC1” or {BAQReportResult.OrderDtl.ProdCode} = “PC2” and

Doesn’t work either.

I think there is something about changing it to be along the lines of:

“PC1” IN {BAQReportResult.OrderDtl.ProdCode}

but I can’t seem to find anything that explains that well enough.

I have never used crystal with Epicor but have used it in the past with other programs. My guess is you want

{BAQReportResult.OrderDtl.ProdCode} in [ “PC1” , “PC2” ]

Thank you, that’s the syntax I couldn’t find anywhere.