Site Enhancement -- Add required categories for posts for quick searches?

I mean no disrespect by this post, just an suggestion. But would it be possible to require a user upon creating a post to have there post reference categories such as (Printing, Dashboards, BPM’s, Reports). Most of the time I find myself spending quite a bit of time rummaging through posts with no tags and no descriptive titles to end up finding what I need. I know its almost impossible to hold users to provide descriptive titles but I feel requiring categories would help a ton, as I could just search for say category “Dashboard” and see only related posts to this as post titles are a range of very descriptive to “I need help” or “I have a problem”

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Hi Tyler,
I agree, I’ve enforced at least one tag in the E10, E9 and Vantage topics going forward. I also made it so that anyone can add tags if there aren’t any available.