Site Maintenance Questions

Regarding Lead Time Calculations:
If these aren’t checked does that mean MRP doesn’t consider those factors when suggesting?

What is the Finite Horizon?

What does Scheduling Send Ahead for… do?

If Allow Consumption of Minimum Qty is NOT checked - MRP will never suggest the job until material is ordered and arrives?
If Allow Consumption of Minimum Qty is NOT checked - Will Production Planner gripe about a shortage when you are below min?

Auto consume window - Can someone translate this to dummy for me:
Auto consume window percentage, this is a percentage to calculate the auto consume window days that scheduling engine will take in consideration to look for available quantity to consume.


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Do you have a copy of the MRP Tech Ref Guide?
I think the section on “Modifiers” will help explain those fields you are interested in.


Thanks for that, I’d looked in the Application User Guide and the Job Costing already but this was the ticket.

That puts me in the ballpark.