Sizing/architecture for Kinetic - Anyone have any contacts from Epicor that you trust to give a recommendation?

I know a few of us are on Kinteic now and have either done the install themselves or with help from Epicor… do you have any sizing guides you followed? Did you follow the generic whitepaper? Did you speak with someone at Epicor?

Any contacts or sizing/ architecture recommendations from those of you who have implemented would be extremely helpful!

Hoping to move one of our companies to Kinteic this year!

There’s a whole sizing document that Epicor provides on EpicWeb. Did you see that one?

I don’t know if I saw that one, haven’t looked on Epicweb yet, but I did see a whitepaper:

Did you follow that guide on Epicweb Jose, did you make any modifications of your own? Were you advise to adjust any values for some reason?

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Kind if we did our own thing we took some advice from EMS (Epicor Managed Services) but the sizing guide is pretty good.

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Yes… that’s the contact info I was looking to get from you. Who you trusted to give you sizing recommendations from the EMS team.

Would you be able to share that contact with me so I can request a meeting via my CAM?

So EMS Is for Epicor Managed Services they don’t do direct customer stuff the reason they did if for us is because they were our hosting provider for a few years. So I just took what they did and re-created it myself.

Alright, thank you. Wasn’t sure if CAM would be willing to set up a meeting with that person as a favor or not (paid of course).

We recently decided to purchase new onprem hardware. Should arrive sometime this year (…sigh…)

The sizing guide from Epicweb is good. We took it and bumped up the hardware specs just a bit. My recommendation is make sure to get the proper processors to handle SQL Server. If with Dell, gold level.

We consulted with 2wTech (@Vitesse) to get their advice on the architecture and how we should plan our environment. They gave us a few extra insights and experiences that we can use to determine our new implementation that were not in Epicor’s guides.

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Thank you Joe!! :pray: