Slow dashboard filters

Hello everyone,

I’m working on improving the performance of a BAQ that is used in a dashboard, it has a 4 filters, when I type in the Order Number filter the information is retrieved quickly, but when any of the other 3 are used (individually) they take a long time in getting the data. I already reviewed the indexes and did some modifications but the same behavior continues. The curious thing is that it works quickly into the BAQ but not in the dashboard when using the filters, has someone had the same issue? It is on E10.2.400 in case someone gets a chance to take a look I attached the BAQ and the dashboard.

SlowDashboardFilters.baq (46.6 KB) SlowDashboardFilters.dbd (235.0 KB)

Thanks in advance

Have you already tried adding parameters to you BAQ? (The dashaboard should then prompt you on “Refresh”)
I have seen dashboards pull in all records before the tracker filter(s) are applied, i.e. slooow.

Also, does your BAQ include all the primary index fields for each table? I believe that things have been known to speed up just be including those.