Slow to Retrieve Invoices - Supplier Tracker

It is taking over 6 minutes to retrieve ~20 invoices. Below is what I found in the server log… anyone know how to correct this? I tried recycling the app pool but that did not fix it. I should also note there are no BPMs associated with this.

<Op Utc="2018-11-29T16:01:12.7355604Z" act="Erp:BO:APInvoice/APInvoiceSvcContract/GetRowsForTracker" dur="363280.6767" cli="" usr="Theodore Koch" machine="" pid="5128" tid="224" />

Whenever I run into this problem it eventually fixes itself a few hours later, but I have no idea how to “fix” it on the spot. Telling the user that it will work again in a few hours and I don’t know how to get it running faster again is not really acceptable.

Does it behave the same way if calling the BO directly like in the BO tester?

Sounds like a bad index… maybe

I have been meaning to re-index the database… trying to find time to do that.

I did not try testing the BO directly, but I’m guessing it will behave the same. Good thing to keep in mind to check next time

Hi Theodore,
I know this was a few years ago now but by any chance do you remember how you fixed this issue? We’ve had exactly the same issue for a few months now where the whole day it will cause problems then the following day will be fine. We’ve tried re-indexing our server but that has not resolved the problem. Have reported it to Epicor but they do not know how to fix it.
Any help would be appreciated.