SOAP webservices changing / phasing out?

We are currently on Epicor 9.05.605 and planning to upgrade to E10(unsure which version exactly). We are currently using the SOAP APIs for several web apps, and we were told Epicor was phasing out E10 SOAP APIs for REST based APIs. We would like to better understand this as this will require an update to our webapps. Can anyone confirm if the SOAP APIs are indeed phased out(or changed) in a specific Epicor version?

We would prefer not to have to modify existing webapps, so we are hoping the SOAP APIs are still available unchanged. To better understand the new REST based APIs(new web apps would be developed to use REST) are they using JSON or XML?


This explains a lot. E-10 is using JSON

Clarifying a bit…

We are adding REST to the Epicor proprietary approach the client uses and to SOAP and allowing it as an integration approach. We are also using it internally for released products like Active Home Page, Epicor Data Discovery and Mobile CRM (and a few more in the pipeline not announced). Actually if you squint right, ECC used a preview version of REST a long time ago and Social uses a preview OData syntax.

Thought experiment…
Consider IF Epicor went to full time REST instead of the proprietary wcf binding Epicor that ERP 10 has when the client impl is available.
If we did that would be a direct drop in with nothing changing to the consumers of an Impl. No one can get in the middle of that binding today to make sense of the byte[] that flies over the wire. SOAP and now REST are the integration options and those would not change just because an invisible protocol changes from one byte[] over wcf to another byte[] over ‘rest’.

The thing to concentrate upon is why are you choosing REST vs SOAP vs IMPL?
SOAP has some advanced options nothing else can touch around WS*.
REST has the flexibility to run anywhere.
IMPLs have the full ‘ERP goodness’ of all the features there.

Choose the right tool for the job. We are giving you options so you don’t HAVE to do it the Epicor™ way. Use your data the way you want.

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