Soft Removal of Records from the system

An option to remove records from Epicor that are transactional would be awesome. Old employees that clog up the search. Parts that were entered poorly and you never want to see again, but have been used. Etc etc.


Agreed - if we mark it as Inactive, then it should not show up. If we want it to show up for a few minutes in order to use it again, we can make it active.

Historical reports would need the values, but others would not, so I’m torn on how to best implement but I’d like it to apply to BAQs somehow. Not sure if should be at the system level like Territory security, or optional inside BAQs (like the multi company option, just include another checkbox for Inactive values…)

There are a bunch of open problems reporting for this.

It looks like this is your best option to try to escalate PRB0155013

It has been accepted by dev and has a moderate urgency. Resolution have been updated to: 10.TBD

You will need to be logged into Epicare for those links to work

Somewhat related, I’ve recently had requests to clone LIVE to TEST but remove ALL transactions (keeping only the setup)

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no… no it’s not lol damnit @Chris_Conn


We DMT’s in all our parts from V8, into E10, then were going to remove the unwanted ones. But we (and I mean ‘I’) inadvertantly updated the costs on all the part records. This created an ADJ-CST part tran record for each part, and thus sealed our fate into having those parts for ever in our system :frowning:

We did set them all as Inactive. But it would be nice to purge them, as they created no GL costs (all the parts had 0 QOH so so no GL trans). And if those Part Trans were “backed out”, I could delete the parts.

If I run a query, I can find over 4,000 parts (we only have about 6,000 in total) with exact one PartTran record (the previously mentioned ADJ-CST).

A good use case for my between fix we have a remove on part as well works the same way just different method

I’ve added UD fields (typically named AllowUse_c) to tables that don’t have an “Inactive” field. Like ProductGroup and PartClass. Then use customizations or a BPM on the GetList, to keep them from showing in all the various forms (Part Entry, PO’s, AR Invoices, etc …)


And the opposite would be valuable too, keeping all the transactions, but leaving the setup in place.