Solution Workbench - Adding User table to solution?

I wanted to ask if anyone has added the User table or dataset as an element for adding to a solution, and if so should it be defined based on the UserFile BO dataset, the database table, ?? I want to back up changes we’ve made to a CAB file in case we need to revert back to it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The user table? Did you add new fields?

No, Jose. We’re implementing a role-based security model, changing the security groups that users have to a different set. I know we have the ability to include the Menu and Security datasets to a solution, however the User dataset is not in the predefined objects in Solution Workbench. I’d like to include the dataset, but not sure how best to do it. This would be the first time we’ve created a CAB file from the tool.

Ah! No there is no way to include actual records (Data Records) in Solution WB. You are better served by using DMT.

OK, so the Menu and Security predefined elements are there just for table changes? I didn’t know that. I wish there was COMPLETE documentation on this tool!