Solution Workbench and Kinetic Forms Layers

Good Afternoon All,

Has anyone had issues with packaging up a .cab file with Kinetic Forms Layers ( Customizations) and installing them in production ? I developed some layers for Time Phase,PartTracker and Part Maintenance in Pilot and when I installed them in production, I cant seem to find the layer. I looked in Menu Maint where you are suppose to set the default Layer, It does not show up as an option. I have a ticket into EpicCare, figure they are rather busy due to the cloud update this weekend…


I have reached this step in our environment now as well. I am curious what you learned from the support Case.

I haven’t learned much from the EpicCare case. It worked in their environment. They have me looking into the .cab file to see if the Description or the company gets stripped when saving the cab file. It appears that we get irregularities when we have existing Customizations ( converted to Layers by Epicor in a conversion process) on a Classic Form. I need to put together a Layer in Pilot for a form we have no customizations for and try to export that… in my spare time… Maybe forecast Entry, move 1 field or add text " Kilroy was here)"…

Sorry I digress.

LOL, no worries.
Looks like I have more learning to do as far as how to use Solutions and how to capture the layers. Hopefully there’s a KB out there.

@Dean - It’s an old post, but did you change the program type to ‘Kinetic App’ in menu maintenance? Might help someone else going down this path.


Hi Andris,

Yes was ( is) Kinetic ap. We have gone through several updates ( Cloud Customer) so not sure where this is . We shelved Kinetic Forms Implementations as the more we used them , the more bugs we found. Plan is to try again this summer…