Solution workbench with Extended UD Field

Can we use solution workbench to import Extended UD Field? Because I got this error:

Unable to process import for 'ZDataFieldSearch'.
Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.
Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Any solution to move Extended UD between PILOT and LIVE?

Note: I’m using Epicor 10.1.600.6

Are you using the ZDataTable element?


Hi @Chris_Conn,

Are you using the ZDataTable element?

No, I think.

Is ZDataTable needed when we transfer only Extended UD Fields? Actually I’ve found solution using DMT. But I am still curious how we transfer Extended UD Fields using solution workbrench.

Side topic on the solution workbench… Anybody get an “Object Reference Not Set” error when you right click on any other open form (not in a field but like in a group box to get to the personalize or customize context menu item) while you have the Solution Workbench open? I’m going to submit a case to Epicor but thought I get some feedback first while the topic is hot.

Yep, it happens to me as well. There is another form that does it, I cant remember for sure which but I think it might be ServiceContracts