Some questions about the Re-order point

Hello Everyone,

We are going to use the re-order function to purchase materials. I have a few questions regarding this.

  • In this function, regardless of Required Qty, will it be replenished if it goes below Re-order Qty?
  • So, if the Required Qty is greater than the set Max On Hand Qty, how is it suggested?
  • When it is below Safety Stock, when replenishing up to Safety Stock Qty, is it replenishing up to Safety Stock Qty without considering Min Order Qty?
    Thank you in advance.

When I tested, Min Order Qty was not utilized, as you can see below.

Hi Pilio.lee

This is covered in field help and the documentation

Enable here

Hi Pilio,

MOQ is the minimum to be ordered. The system will not use that as maximum to be ordered unless you complete an additional parameter such as Max lot size, etc… Also, I have seen some parameters ignored when below SS. This might require associated “urgent” parameters to get completed as well.


thank you for your advice!
As suggested by your suggestion, I tested with Max Lot Size and this problem was solved. I found that the function I wanted was to use Max Lot Size and not Min Order Qty.

Sorry to bother you, but may I ask you one more question? Due Date is suggested as today’s date. Even though I entered the Lead Time and Days of Supply field values. How should I set this?
Thank you in advance!

Hi Pilio,

My understanding of this is that Due date is immediate because you are below SS. I think that the SS number is supposed to be to cover intermittent / unusual demand. When below it, this quantity considered “set aside”, the system wants to get it again right away. Minimum on hand can be used for average usage. To have system not require MOH right away, similar to SS, you need to check Allow consumption of minimum Qty, per below site maint screenshot. So Reorder level = SS + MOH


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Thanks for the good advice!
As you explained, it worked out. you’re my good adviser.