SP404B Price List Export

We just upgraded to Vantage 404B last weekend. We are attempting to
export our Price Lists. We pull up the desired Price List that we want
to export, pull in all parts, go to Action Export. Once the Export
screen opens, we name the file and click Submit Process. The System
Monitor shows that the task completed successfully, however it shows
that it took only 1 second to run.

The export screen ignores any file path entered, and tech support
advised that the files now default to the mfgsysdata folder for the user
running the export. I do not get any file at all with this export, not
even a blank one.

Does anyone out there know of a way to export price lists out of 404B
successfully?? Tech support does not... HELP!!

Thank You,

Lauren L. Hellings
Systems Administrator
Ericson Manufacturing Co.

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