Spares Management

Hi All,

Curious to know if anyone knows which is the best way to manage Spares in EPICOR?

Consider the product needs 10K Parts to build.
It has approx. 300 Parts ( Considered as Recommended Spares list)

Does EPICOR has any dedicated function /program to manage Spares ?


I may need more details as to what you mean by “spares”. Are you wanting to flag a part on the BOM as a potential for standard replacement parts?
If so, a basic UD field on the PartMtl/ECOMtl/JobMtl with the use of UD Field Mapping can provide the data.
A Dashboard/Report can be used to list the replaceable parts.

Thanks Jason,

Ok i want to achieve below

  1. Find out which is the Recommended or “standard replacement” Spares for respective Assembly.
  2. Is there any field available in EPICOR Part detail which needs to be filled ?
  3. or it is something needs to be added in Part Data as custom field?


You will need a custom field of some kind. If you store the value at the Part level, that would mean that part would be a spare on any product. If you store it at the BOM level (PartMtl/ECOMtl/JobMtl), then that would mean the part is a spare specifically for that BOM.

You might be able to Use Part Substitute\Alternate’s functionality for this if it’s simply part specific. If it’s method specific then I agree with @Jason_Woods.
I had a client that actually added the part to the BOM as another Material sequence but just set it’s Qty/Parent to zero. Then if they needed it, they would delete the original Material Sequence and set the Qty\Parent value.

thanks Jason