Specific Task Agent restart

Is there a way to restart specific Task Agents via scripting? I’d like to schedule a reboot for our E10Prod task agent every night, but I don’t really want it to affect the other environments… I would just do a service restart script that restarts the Epicor Task Agent service, but that will affect all of our environments - is there a way to differentiate between which task agent we restart?

It’s a service so think you can do this via the service itself, but I’ll ask around. I think this is an easy task to accomplish

In a bat file on each App Server that is running Task Agent (you should have 3 as per Nathan):

NET STOP EpicorICETaskAgent3.1.500.0
NET START EpicorICETaskAgent3.1.500.0

But we have found that doesn’t always actually work. So we use:

sc queryex EpicorICETaskAgent3.1.500.0

taskkill /fi “SERVICES eq EpicorICETaskAgent3.1.500.0” /F
sc START EpicorICETaskAgent3.1.500.0


That is for the Task Agent service itself. I was asking if it’s possible to restart the Task agent for a specific environment (e.g. E10Prod Task Agent)

There is a command line dll in the directory but I don’t think there are any arguments for Task Agent. Their help files only mention licenses and data model generator. I’ve asked support for the docs a few times but only get that it goes through Custom Solutions. Good luck!


I have a problem with Epicor 10. The EpicorICETaskAgent3.0.7.0 is always : Stop responding. I currently run Epicor10.1. Please help. Thank you.