Speed of Customer Tracker of 8.00 versus 8.03

Has anyone else noticed a speed change in 8.00 versus 8.03?

In when retrieving all orders in the customer tracker it takes
considerably longer in 8.03 versus 8.00.

We have a large customer with a large number of orders
(approximately 3,000) and a larger number of lines (13,332). (We
get a lot of small orders.)

I opened the customer tracker and went to the customer. I then went
to Orders-All and clicked Retrieve. In 8.00 it took about 25
seconds to load the orders. In 8.03 it took over 50 seconds to load
the orders.

I ran this from 2 different machines and the server. We verified
the setting of the antivirus software. Finally we checked the
tuning settings for both databases and they are set the same.

Thanks for the help!