Split Burden Manual Labour Adjustment

When using Split Burden, multiple employees concurrently clocked onto jobs operation THROUGH MES records the burden apportioned by the number of employees clocked onto that operation.
i.e. 3 employees clock on from 9am until 10am, the labour hours for each is 1 and the burden hours is 0.33

The problem comes when, for example, an employee forgets to clock in and the supervisor has to manually create the record for them.
To continue the example:
Maybe one of the employees was dodgy (or we give them benefit of doubt and say forgetful) and they only worked half an hour, but didn’t clock off until 10am so the supervisor needs to manually adjust their timecard.
If they just go and change the timecard to be a half hour, the default burden for them will be .5, the other two will still be 0.33 so the total burden for the operation (even though it was only running for 1 hour) is now 1.16 hours.
If all employees had clocked on and off when they should, the total burden would be 1:

  • 1 employee 0.5 hours labour, 0.17 hours burden or (0.5 hours/3resources)
  • 2 employees 1 hours labour, 0.42 hours burden or (0.5 hours/3resources)+(0.5hours/2resources)

Has anyone using Split Burden created a BPM to automatically recalculate the burden for the labour recorded against a job when a labour record is adjusted? Or is there a better way to achieve this so the total burden for the operation is the total number of hours that the operation was running?

Every day we have 10’s of records that need to be corrected and having to manually change each and every burden for the other labour recorded against the operation seems unfeasible.