SQL and Epicor

Right now we are running SQL Server 2012. From what I have been reading we will need to jump up to a newer SQL here in the next year or so. With that being said, we are also virtualizing our Epicor server very soon. So I was considering doing the SQL at the same time.


All our “servers” are virtualized. We’re running 10.2.300 on virtualizations of:

  • App server - Win Server 2016 Standard
  • SQL server - Win Server 2016 Standard, with SQL Server 2016

But we’re really small (15 user licenses - rarely more that 8 users in at a time, no MRP)

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Live on the edge run Linux MSSQL !


We’re fully virtualized as well, Server 2012/Sql2014 across 3 servers, running 10.2.300. We’re going to do a series of in-place OS/SQL/Epicor upgrades over the next month and get to the latest combination that Epicor supports (I think it’s OS 2019, SQL 2019 running 10.2.600)

The VM piece is really sweet b/c you can snapshot, do whatever you want, and put it back if you don’t like it… We are making clones of our VM’s, keeping them off the network, and running “test” in-place upgrades to see if we’re going to have any problems…


We are running SQL 2017 with no issues. Newer is better especially if you plan to use SQL to query anything (worth it for STRING_AGG() function)