SQL dbo.ScaTrace Short Error in Service Connect

We have been getting more of these ‘Short Error’ messages of “The Operation Has Timed Out” causing the Service Connect connection to error out. We have set the default IIS setting to 2 minutes but still we are seeing the issue. It works correctly if we try submitting it again right after so not sure why we are getting these time out errors in Service Connect. Any other place to look at?

TraceID TraceClass TimeStamp TrackingSessionID IsStartState ProcessID ExecutorID ExecutorName ExecutorType ExecutorLauncherID ExecutorLauncherType DocumentTypeID DocumentName DocumentData DocumentDataSize DocumentErrorType DocumentExtensionsMask SourceTraceID NumberOfSubsequentTraces SequentialNumber BusAttrValues IsDocumentDataZipped IsCompleted ProcessStatus FirstIncompleteTimestamp IsRequestorTimeout ImportanceLevel ShortError
{AAF82D7E-85AE-440C-B4D8-870DE73398F7} 0 2015-08-05 19:33:03.887 {E3D1EE03-E668-4E48-80D1-84AC18FFE359} 0 {294BE8F7-FECB-435B-AAA4-F3C8B1E5A3EA} {095F5F49-C56F-4CBD-86FA-3BC26E81E093} UD04.Update 19 SalesOrderCtoPro\Main 2 NULL http://Epicor.com/UD04/UpdateRequest 1謟 13530 4 0 {F02BD7C7-8060-427C-9407-7E773ADEBB91} -1 0 NULL 1 1 72 2015-08-05 19:33:03.883 0 10 The operation has timed out