SSRS and Euro Format for Currency

In E 10.1.500.11 I am having a problem over-riding or setting the correct Euro currency format in SSRS.

In the default out-of-the-box SSRS forms like the Sales Order Ack and Invoice, my currency formats won’t flip to the European format. I need the number 12,345.67 to look like 12.3435,67 on the Invoices and SOK forms.

In SSRS, I’ve tried manually setting the Localization.Language setting to “de-DE” on control’s Properties and also manually set Number.Format to #.0,00;(#.0,00) but nothing seems to override the format.

The country-specific language settings ARE applied, because the report language for the labels are all correctly in German. But the numbers, not so much.

Has anyone come across this problem and if so, what’s the hack? Thank you.


Of course, I figure it out 5 mins after posting this. :grinning:

In the event someone comes across this in the future, the fix is you must go to the SSRS Report properties (not the individual controls, make sure it’s the Report) and override Epicor’s broken expression in Language.Localization to, in my case, “de-DE” for Germany.