SSRS- Convert amount into words

How to convert amount into words in SSRS Report.

This is built in to Epicor in a custom DLL available in SSRS> Look at the Check report

There’s an example of how to do it in VBA for Excel here: Convert numbers into words - Microsoft Support

Or in C#

Please provide me suitable solution with example.

That was a bit rude dude… I did provide you with a solution if you take 5 minutes to go look at the reports I told you to look at. Alas it is the new year and I’m feeling in a good mood

Try this…
The DLL name is EpiNum2Words and it is pretty trivial to use it, it is available from Epicor in your SSRS Server Bin folder and supports a bunch of languages and currencies

Function GetNumAsString() As String
    Dim c As EpiNum2Words.Convert = New EpiNum2Words.Convert()
    Dim s = c.Amount2String(12.33, "USD", 2)
    Return s
End Function

a good mood lol



Hi Josecgomez,

Thanks for ur sol. I have checked the dll file is there. Please let me know, I use below code in SSRS

Report Custom Code

Public Function GetNumAsString(ByVal Number As String, ByVal Currency As String) As String

Dim c As EpiNum2Words.Convert = New EpiNum2Words.Convert()


Dim s = c.Amount2String(Number, Currency, 2)

Return s

End Function

But system is throwing error.

Please let me know how to use this code.