SSRS Custom Report - Print Icon is Missing from SSRS Report Toolbar in Chrome and Edge

Custom SSRS reports show in Internet Explorer with a convenient Print icon in the Report Toolbar. It sends the report to a printer of choice in the final rendered format.

But that Print icon is missing in Chrome and Edge

If we just use Ctrl-P or Print from overflow menu, we get an unformatted report with the parameters header, report Toolbar, and just a scrollbar window of the full report, like this:

Workaround Is to use the export dropdown and export to pdf, then print the pdf. But, that is not ideal. Is there any other options now that Internet Explorer is going to be dead and gone?

If you Google ‘ssrs print button missing in chrome’ you will find some solutions there. Not sure if they work though.

I could be way off here, so excuse me if this is wrong, but I feel like I just read something that said you needed to install Edge Agent in order for the Print button to work in the browser version.

Ever tried IE Tab browser extension? Chrome web store extension giving you IE inside chromium based browser tab.