SSRS Formatting a single grid to display separate elements

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I’m working on formatting a new SSRS report to resemble another report the company already has. I’m struggling with nested grids. Below is the example of what is currently being used, would I have to create separate sub reports to replicate this or is there an easier way?


The Part Number drives the detail for the Purchase Status section and is returned as one line in the BAQ Report.

This is what I have thus far in SSRS:

You have to create a subreport for the purchase status and then put it in the Tablix for the part number report.


OK, Thank you very much!

You wouldn’t HAVE to use a subreport. It depends on the all the data you need in your report. If you only need part information, then a list of open POs for them, then you could link the two together, and work around the repeating.

The details section of your tablix would have the fields for all the open POs, then you could group the details section with Part Number. Create a header section with the checkbox. In the header section you could just put this in the expression to pull the part number from the first PO record in that group =First(Fields!PONumber.Value, "PartNumber")

I’ve mocked up what im trying to describe.
Data would look like the following:

PartNumber PONum OpenQty
98736 abc 20
98736 xyz 50
83554 123 13

Tablix would look like the following

If you are new to SSRS, stay away from subreports as much as you can. They are a big performance hit. But sometimes they are your only option when you introduce too much data into the same dataset.

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I’m thinking in the context of this particular report I may need a subreport. The report lists multiple Parts based off a given project BAQ, I’m going to guess, being a beginner, the example (@cfinley) you provided would break the Part Number repeat?

I’m trying to replicate the group by you have in the grid, I assume Parent/Child(?), but I’m having trouble. I’ll mess with it a bit more, but I sincerely appreciate the example! It’s quite helpful in figuring out how things work.

How many data sources do you have. Is all the data coming from one BAQ.

Vinay Kamboj

Yes one BAQ.

This is as far as I’ve been successful with thus far. I try to add a sub group in the Row Groups section as Child, or frankly anything, and I get this error:


I think I must be doing this out of sequence perhaps? Maybe I need to group them in a particular order? I was able to get a group of the entire table, but now I’m having difficulty breaking out the PO group.

You should have another group under Part Number for PO Number.

For one BAQ you do not need subreports. You can just you Groups. Parent Group will be only part details. Child group will be purchase status details.

Report builder Tablix wizard will created the groups for you.


You need another group below JobMtl_PartNum to group on PO before the details.

Getting closer I think.

Now when I try to save I’m getting this error:

Check the dataSetName in the Tablix Properties. It is probably blank.

@jkane @Vinaykamboj @cfinley You’re all amazing! Thank you for helping the newb. Got my report working! Thank you so, so much!

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