SSRS image not pulling in image file/user codes

This was built by someone else in the past and I’ve got it mostly figured out.

Basically we create an image we want on our job traveler.

Here is how that looks:

  1. Create image in image maintenance. Set a name in the image description. Example “image1”
  2. Open User Codes and select the category images are stored in. In our case, “Layouts.” Add the new image in layouts and use the image description as the name.
  3. In Job Entry we can select from the User Codes as a drop down to set the image we want. Set the image we want. The new image shows in Job Entry.
  4. The image id created in step 1 is stored in the ShortCharacter07 in the JobHead
  5. Open Job Traveler and try and print the job. All I get is a red X for the image.


I know mime types need to be set but we use the same type every time. The image name is the same as the image description.

Unsure what step I’m missing.

The report has this code for the image.
=iif(Left(First(Fields!ShortChar07.Value, "JobHead"), 1) = "1" Or Left(First(Fields!ShortChar07.Value, "JobHead"), 1) = "9", "ID" & First(Fields!ShortChar07.Value, "JobHead"), First(Fields!ShortChar07.Value, "JobHead"))

First things first, do any of the past ones work?
Might make it easier to track down.

Yep. All the past ones work.

When I added a new image I basically duplicated everything I saw.

I assume there is another step somewhere.

Next step is to replace shortchar07 with a known working value.

If that works as well, we’ll know where to start.

Did that. Works.

Then it’s either something wrong with your image, or in image maintenance.

Compare them.

So far what I got is, if I change the layout/image in Job Entry, it works but not for the image I want.

If I go into Image Maintenance and swap an image from another image with the one I want to work, it doesn’t work.

All the old ones work then but not the new one. And since I’m using an old image from anaother layout and it still doesn’t work, I can assume the image itself isn’t the problem. It’s a linking of data somewhere…

Are the categories the same?


Also I tried swapping the image of a currently working layout. It works on the Job Entry side but on the Job Traveler it doesn’t work. It ends up showing the old layout image. This is using a working layout image and not the new one.

Seems somewhere it’s storing the image names and referencing that to show in the traveler. I checked User Codes for another Code Type ID but I didn’t see anything.

Gotta be another place they set it up to reference the file names.

I did check out RDD and found this but it’s not much help.

A baq on udCodes looking at the LongDesc field should probably lead to the final clue.


Figured it out.

  1. Didn’t know User Codes was under udCodes in BAQ. Should’ve known better on that one.
  2. That BAQ didn’t show anything I didn’t know.
  3. My instinct said to go back and look at the SSRS report. Opened it and started going thru the folders. Totally overlooked the folder named “images” where it has all the layouts stored in there.

In the future I may rework this cause the office staff cannot update it this way but for now I can get them going.

If I just stored the image name in the Long Description in User Codes, wouldn’t that work or how would I tell SSRS to pull the image instead of storing it in the SSRS report?