SSRS Limit

I ran across an issue with modifying Epicor forms in Report Builder. Report Builder has a character limit ( I think it is around the 32,000 mark) and Epicor’s datasets are larger than 32000. Evidently Epicor has some back end way to force it into SSRS but leaves the user stranded to modify in Report Builder. The only work around I have found it moving it to a stored procedure and let the report call the stored procedure.

I an new to SSRS and haven’t run across this before so not sure if other do something different and have not run across this…but it was very frustrating.

If it’s the same issue we ran into, mostly with the ARForm, you have to be brutal with the Exclude list in the RDD and take out as much as you can (CSF labels, etc.) and eventually it will work.

Mark W.

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I was wondering if that would make a huge difference. It is amazing how much extra stuff there is in the RDD. I may test that too. Thanks