SSRS Logo Blurry

Hello All,

I am trying to understand why a logo might come out blurry when an SSRS report exported/previewed to PDF.

Is it because we are fitting the image proportionately/resizing it?

Or is it a DPI issue?

I don’t know much about digital images/rendering.

Thanks in advance anyone who may have an idea.

Maybe @jdewitt6029 ?


Whenever I have had issues with fuzzy/blurry images, upping the resolution has always made it better. If you can’t get a higher quality image, just use Paint or something similar to change it.

My recommendations are to have the image the same ratio (exactly) that you are using in the report and have it as a png for best results.

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Is the ratio the same as size and height?

yes but more specifically, length/width of new size = length/width of orig size.

If you are you using a .png, maybe try a .jpg?

Thank you both! @jdewitt6029 and @bordway

I think the image may not be at fault, it may be the print to pdf program that they are using…

I had this problem too, but I was working with an Epicor consultant and he fixed it. As I recall, Epicor likes a .png file. We had to change mine from a .jpeg to a .png. Hope that helps.

Thanks, it was actually a printer setting that had to be changed!