SSRS number formatting

This is probably a simple question for those who know how to program this stuff.

I need to change the display format of certain values on the BOM Resource Availability Report. They should have no decimal points. I changed the Total values (OH, Avail) by using the text properties in SSRS. However, this doesn’t work for the other three fields, presumably because the “Decimals” bit is in the expression. I have tried to change it based on the expression of other values, but the whatever I changed either had no effect or generated an error when trying to upload the report. Picture below with the three fields identified.

The expression for the three fields are:
=FormatNumber(Fields!OnHandQty.Value,First(Fields!DecimalsQuantity.Value, “RptParameter”))

=FormatNumber(Fields!AvailableQty.Value,First(Fields!DecimalsQuantity.Value, “RptParameter”))

=FormatNumber(Fields!RequiredQty.Value,First(Fields!DecimalsQuantity.Value, “RptParameter”))

Thanks for your help on this.

You can change each expression to remove the “FormatNumber” and “First(…)” parts, so you’re left with:

Then using the textbox properties will format the numbers the same as the totals.


Worked like a charm. Thanks.