SSRS Passing Sub-Report total back to Main Report

I was so used of things being “easy” in Crystal, but doing this one in SSRS really stumps me.

I want to total up a sub-report and return that value back to the main report. This was cake in Crystal, just do a running total with a variable, then pass that variable back to the main report.

BUT, based on my SSRS searches this does not seem possible. Are there any workarounds to this?

Make another Sub report that does the totaling, and insert it where you want the total to display.

You cant use the value like you could with the CR variable. but you can display it.

That is a viable workaround.

Is there something like a “Suppress Blank Section/Group” (like Crystal has)?

I made all the fields “Hidden”, but now there is all this blank white space. Not how to remove the blanks space for just the totals without messing up the report.

I think the SSRS method would be to make the row (and its contents ) very short (like 0.06 in high) and set CanGrow to TRUE.

I tried your suggestion. I zoomed in 400% and made all the Field Size = 0.005 and set Visibility/Hide = True.
I moved everything in the Sub-Report as close together as possible…BUT…

It contains a Table(Tablix). I simply want to sum the contents of the Table, place that SUM in the Footer then pass it back to the Main Report. Even with a very small size, this Total in the Sub-Report shifts down.
If I set the Visiblity of the Table to Hide, then it does not do the summarize.

This is so frustrating. What would have taken me 20 minutes in Crystal, has taken me over a day and still not working correctly.

Any other ideas??