SSRS Report blank parameter returning all rows


I have an SSRS BAQ Report that shows all the parts each buyer has. The report accepts the BuyerID as a report parameter. Now when the buyer ID provided is blank it shows all buyer IDs when I actually only want it to show parts without a buyer ID (which would appear as blanks in the report instead) and then have a separate input to show them all.

Is this achievable? I currently have the report parameter setup as so:


Good Morning,

I think that is the way it is intended. I find it useful to get all, not just blank. Is there a parameter on the underlying BAQ ?

If I remember correctly, Buyer ID is Set at the the PartClass level, if the PartPlant Buyer ID is blank, Epicor will take the Buyer listed in the PartClass. If the Partplant Buyer ID is not blank, it will override the Part Class Buyer ID.

does this help any ?


Sorry Dean I’d left for the weekend after your reply.

I’ve had a look and the BAQ doesn’t have a filter itself, it’s done purely from the Option Fields tab in the BAQ Report Designer screen.

What I’ve done is create a calculated column that sets the buyer id to “NO BUYER” when it’s blank and then I filter on that instead.

Cheers mate.