SSRS Report Builder Permissions Error

Hi All,
I’m having an issue starting Report Builder that I think is caused by permissions. Hoping someone can share some info on how to troubleshoot. I’m not experienced in SSRS at all, having received some written instruction from our implementation consultants that I am trying to follow in order to modify form output such as AR Invoice.

We are in an implementation project, not Live on Epicor yet. We have Epicor 10.2 installed (upgraded from 10.1 a few weeks ago), with everything installed on a single server. My network user account has been set up as a local administrator on the Epicor server, but I am not a domain admin.

The problem: In SQL Server Reporting Services (Home > reports > CustomReports), when clicking drop-down on “ARForm” and choosing “Edit in Report Builder” I receive a download in my browser “ReportBuilder_3_0_0_0.application”. When clicking the download I receive an error “Cannot Start Application”.

I successfully ran Report Builder in the past using my network account when still on 10.1 but doesn’t work now. It’s been a while since I last tried so I don’t know if the upgrade caused it to stop working.

We have external IT support (domain admins) who have not set up any network level permissions for Report Builder.
A previous Epicor consultant (admin to Epicor server only) set up the initial training exercises when 10.1 was installed but I’m not sure what permissions were set.
Our current Epicor consultant (admin to Epicor server only) can successfully access Report Builder with an admin/installation-level service account, still local to the Epicor server.

It sounds like, to me, the original consultant set some sort of permissions at the Epicor server level which allowed Report Builder to be run by me using my network account, but something has changed. The current consultant is saying it’s a problem for the domain admins (external IT company) to fix… but this doesn’t make sense since they haven’t set permissions before, when Report Builder was working for me.

Can anyone point me in the direction of where to look on the Epicor server to check permissions and see what permissions are set to run SSRS Report Builder? Some basic doco to follow would be great. I did some Googling and found my way into some settings that looked like it was the right area, but my user was locked out from viewing the Properties. Frustrating.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Could be something not set correctly in site settings or a permissions issue with IE.

I think I remember running into this problem myself…what version of SQL Server are you running?