SSRS Report Form

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I am working on a form which I have all information the issue I have is the page is too long. How can I shorten the length of the form to 11 1/2"? It displays over 13" and it is adding 3 pages what should be a single page.

See below:

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A couple of things:

You should be able to grab the bottom of your report (where the white edge meets the dark gray edge) and drag it up. Once you grab the bottom edge, if it doesn’t move up, then your tablix is extended down to the bottom of your page. To resolve this, you can click in any empty space in the white area of your report, e.g. the towards the bottom of your page, and gray bars should appear along the top and left side of your table. Once the gray bars appear along the left of the table, you can bring the bottom of your tablix up by placing your mouse at the bottom of the left gray bar, then dragging up. Once you do this, you will then have to grab the white bottom edge of your report and drag it up as well.

Additionally, you can set page sizes by right clicking anywhere on the dark gray background and selecting ‘Report Properties’. This alone, does not solve your issue. If your report area (that white page) is lager than the size you set in the report properties, your print will span across multiple pages.