SSRS Report - how do I get the username on the report?

I’m working on a copy of the Quote form. I would like to put the username/UserID of the person who is logged into Kinetic on the report. There’s not an Entry Person on the Quote Header, so I thought the username/UserID of the person printing the Quote would do the trick.

I tried the UserID from the Built-in Fields on the SSRS report, but that just returned EPICORDT/.

I’m in our Kinetic/cloud Pilot.

Thanks for any help.


I tried to pull it from CallContextClientData but mine is empty for some reason.

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Epicor defaults to this expression when user names show up on our reports:

=First(Fields!DCD_USERID.Value, "BAQReportParameter")

With the help of someone else, I have solution…

in SSRS (Microsoft Report Builder), add a Dataset


Pick the existing shared data source (I took this to mean select Use a dataset embedded in my report

for the Query add this
=“SELECT T1.CurrentUserId FROM CallContextClientData_” + Parameters!TableGuid.Value + " T1”

And then add CurrentUserId as a field.

Then use this in the text box you want to show the userid of who ran the report.

=First(Fields!CurrentUserId.Value, “DataSet1”)