SSRS Report using Config

Is there any way to call an input value from the configurator in the ssrs report?

Yash, somewhere in this forum there is a post that contains the answer to where this info is stored. I had something written a couple years ago to try and use this data in a similar way, but never ended up using it.

I think it is possible though.

Do you possibly have a reference to that post for me to go look at it?

I will try and locate it for you, I didn’t have time when I replied earlier.

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@ypatel Where are configuration values / smart strings stored? - ERP 10 - Epicor User Help Forum (

I believe the table names are PCInput and PCInputValues

And the information is stored in xml format so it is a little tricky to extract into SSRS/SQL data. It would be very nice though if that was easily possible because it would make any analysis easier.

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I went down that road before and ended up just making a UD column on the table I was working with (JobHead in my case) and writing a copy of the pertinent data there at the time of configuration. Usually just a delimited string for simple data or an HTML string if it gets hard to parse in the report dataset. As @Schae235 pointed out it can get messy pulling from those tables directly.

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@ypatel this is what I have been told to do from consultants as well. @jstephens 's approach seems great.