SSRS Report

How do I make the line details of a pack slip get grouped by a combination of PO/Order Number? So within the subheader rectangular box that has Ship Date, Ship Via, FOB, Terms, Due Date and PO Number if I include a field for the Order Number, I want that rectangular box to get duplicated over each Order lines detail but have the PO/order number change based on what is included in the pack slip.

Also, how do I include a checkbox on the order acknowledgment form per line detail to say whether the line part number is in stock or not?

When you go into Group Properties it is on the General Page, hit the Add button and choose your field.

Well I know how to add a field, just wasn’t sure how to make a section duplicate on the form depending on what PO/Order combo the lines were being pulled from as well as adding a checkbox pulling in details on whether a part is in stock or not

Sorry, I guess I did not understand your question.

@cfinley I believe you helped me with something similar in the past, do you have any suggestions?

Not sure i understand your need either. Sounds like you just need to group by an expression

For the checkbox for whether the part is in stock or not, something similar to this:

For the grouping based on PO/Order Num, I would like this box to be placed over each group of lines that belong to a single PO/Order Number:

Let’s say the first two lines were part of Order 502342 and PO 14242-1, and the last three lines were part of Order 502343 and PO 14111-1. All of the data in the rectangular box would stay the same besides the Order Num and PO Number, but that box would be copied down above the last three lines

Sounds like you need to delete the default groups epicor has setup and recreate your own inside the report. Once you have clicked inside the tablet, you can modify them at the bottom of report builder