SSRS Setup looks incorrect/changed

I recently ran into an issue when working in our EpicorERPTest db. All of a sudden, all of my reports are trying to run from the wrong DB. I was able to go in and modify the report unc and get back to the SSRS reports that I have in the TestDB but this does not seem like the correct solution. I think that I have found the problem but wanted to confirm before changing the setup. It looks like someone made a copy of the reports folder from the Live DB and placed it at the same level as the databases so now all reports are being pulled from the same reports folder. Does anyone else’s SSRS report layout look like this?

You should have a copy of each report for each DB - one for LIVE, one for PILOT and one for TEST.
If you copy your SSRS report from, let’s say, LIVE to PILOT, they will still point to the original DB which is LIVE. You need to edit that and point it to the correct DB which is PILOT.
You can do that manually for each, use Epicor’s solution workbench or use scripts
like PowerShell.