SSRS stuck rendering - Overloads CPU on DB Server

Yesterday we had an indecent where the CPU on our DB server spiked to 95-100% which brought our system down. It ended up being the SSRS service that was maxing us out. We had a few purchase orders that got stuck. Running the sql query I found on this post of a similar issue it shows the reports were quick the pull the data and process but were stuck rendering for 30+ minutes.

We have been using the same RDL on the same version (10.1.600.8) with the same process since the end of 2017.

This same issue happened to use a week ago for the first time though, so I am hoping all of the bright Epicor minds here can point me in the right direction so it doesn’t happen again next week.

If it matters, we have a terminal server that runs the E10 client and our users are using parallels ras to connect.

I forgot to mention that once everything was back up I had the same user run the same report on the same PO the same way and it came back in a few seconds like it normally would.

Log a support ticket for this Mike - They may be able to look if there is anyone else who has reported similar issues. Are you running the latest version of SSRS?

this has happened to us a number of times also, so im following incase a solution is found

I would start with the Database server. Look at the ReportServer and ReportServerTemp and their Logs. Look at the size of the logs. Check to see how many VLF’s are in each log. Make sure they’re both Recovery Models are set to Simple.

I recall hearing that some SSRS reports build a view and retain it for future runs of the report. So the subsequent run might not take nearly as long, as the view was already built during the first run.