SSRS - SubReport Dataset

I am modifying the packslip and added “OrderMsc” table to the RDD to pull in the misc charge from sales order into the packslip since some of our customers require it. I want to include this in the subreport “MiscCharges”. So I went to the SSRS for the MiscCharges.rdl and add in a dataset called “OrderMisc”. It’s not pulling anything. Am I doing something wrong?

In the RDD, I went and add in “OrderMsc” and create the relationship.

From the subreport “MiscCharges”, I went and create the dataset.

There’s already a dataset “MiscCharges” in the SSRS subreport and that one worked. So am I missing something?

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I’ll often bypass updating the RDD, and the required tweaks to base report’s data set, and instead, make a standalone report to use as a sub-report.

The subreport is made from scratch, using a manually created dataset. Just create a few parameters (like Company, PackNum, etc…) to filter the sub’s dataset.

Then insert the sub into the base report, and link the sub’s parameters to the base’s data fields.


Thanks Calvin. If I create a subreport from scratch and using report style to upload, would it pick up the new SSRS subreport or would I have to go into SSRS server and upload directly there?

The only thing you would don Report Style is to have the style point to the RDL that the Sub will be inserted into.

For example, We have a PackSlip style 1001. it uses the standard RDD PackSlip, and a custom RDL reports/CustomReports/PackingSlip/PackSlip-PM


In the custom RDL PackSlip-PM, I inserted a subreport (which I had to make first) like so:

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Thank you. Your first screenshot was what I was missing from report style. After I added that, it did upload my custom RDL sub report.

Then I went to my packslip.rdl file and add in the sub report similar to your second screenshot. I tried uploading again, and got the following error. Any ideas?

The RDL need to be in the SQL server, not on a local machine.

I highlighted in, because it needs to reside in the DB. The report location field for Report Types of SQL Server Reporting, is not a path to a file location, but rather a “path” to the RDL definition stored in the DB.

Open IE and enter the address shown below (substituting your SQL server for the obfuscated part)

Here it is in text

http://<your SQL_SERVER_NAME>/Reports/Pages/Folder.aspx?ItemPath=%2freports%2fCustomReports&ViewMode=List

Thanks I figured out the issue. After I uploaded to SSRS Report Server, I went and browse to add in the sub report and that’s where it’s giving me the error trying to add in the sub report to my main report. Instead, I just typed in the name of the report and it’s working. Thanks for all the help.