SSRS Subreport in Kinetic CLOUD - Error

Hello Epiusers, looking to solve something that I’m not seeing a great existing answer for, but feel free to point me to a different thread.

I’m creating a custom report from the Standard TO Pick List, and trying to add a subreport to it. I get the error, SSRS report: “Error: Subreport could not be shown”

The subreport runs correctly by itself, and so does the main report (with the exception of the subreport.) I’ve modeled it after the standard SO Pick List, which has parameters, and I’m passing in parameters into my subreport in a similar way.

The report uploads / downloads, which Epicor support told me tells me that it’s pointed correctly. I don’t think I can get to the SQL Server logs, and Epicor Support was NOT helpful, other than telling me: “The custom TOPICK Report Style and its RDD do not generate valid xml output. Troubleshooting the custom report is a billable service offered by Epicor’s Professional Services group”.

Note that the base table for this report is TranOrders, which is a custom table for Epicor and not accessible in a BAQ.

When using the output format as XML, this is where the XML ends (Epicor support pulled this out.) Not sure if it’s relevant, but trying to put all the information up front.

Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to troubleshoot, or if there is anything special I need to do passing parameters to a subreport in Kinetic Cloud, OR if I’m missing anything obvious. I would be just as happy with that at this point.

One thing that you can do is ask for the detailed logs to be turned on in the system monitor. I had them do it at my old job because the detailed info tells you what specifically is wrong.

Thank you, I reached out in our Epicare case, they said it wouldn’t give us any additional information. For the record, there are no errors brought back to the system monitor.

Whoever you spoke to is incorrect. When you are on-prem, if you have an error, you can go to the SSRS log and see the specific thing that caused the error. Epicor can turn that on so you can see the same exact information in the system monitor. It is hugely helpful when building reports.

My apologies, I read your original post wrong and thought that the report was erroring out. Did you put the Parameter for the GUID in the sub-report?

It wasn’t Tier 1 support, but I’ll check again. And yes, I believe you that it would be helpful. I started the request asking for access / a download of the SSRS log about 3 times. I’ll try asking again, but he doesn’t seem to be to willing to be flexible. = )


As for the subreport, here is the call to the subreport:

In the subreport, the later three parameters are used as filters on the dataset:

This seems to match how the SO report is set up.

I have not done a sub-report in a while. Is there something you need to set on the main report for the sub-report. I want to say it is something like passing the GUID from the parent to the child. I can’t remember, look in the Properties of the sub-report in the main report.

The ticket has to go to the Cloud team I believe. Not sure if that is who it is with :man_shrugging:

That’s the first screenshot from my last post, that’s done – “Subreport Properties”.

The case is with the cloud team.

That’s right. Told you it’s been awhile :laughing:

Sorry I can’t help more. I remember struggling with setting up my first sub-report, I think I tried to copy it from an out of the box one.

No problem, I appreciate the help.

It is REALLY hard to debug in Cloud.
Make sure that in the name for the subreport you ONLY use the name and not the full path to anything.

I typically try the divide and conquer - i.e strip out ALL of the tablixes from the subreport and see if it runs without error.

Try simplifying the Select statement to just one field ie. Company.

The goal is to try and isolate as in is this a Select statement error? a tablix error of some kind of join error.

Could be an RDD error - (i doubt that because most likely the report would not run).

Sorry i do not have much to offer other than try to make things as simple as possible and then add more as you go.



Sorry to disappoint anyone that is coming for the actual problem. In this case, it was an issue passing a valid parameter.

@DaveOlender , thank you for the suggestion. I stripped everything out except the TableGuid and it ran successfully, and I brought things back in from there.

For future reference for anyone, this is what it should look like when pointing to a subreport, and Epicor support did tell me that if you can upload and download your files without issue, it’s probably not an issue with how the subreport is set up.

Turns out I was passing a value into a parameter that was a different data type, and the report was erroring out.

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Congrats on figuring it out though! I would count that as a win.