Standard Deviation Function in BAQs

I have found in one version that I was able to use STDDEV as a function and I got results.
Now with 10.2.nnn I have not been able to use this function.
Using subqueries, it is possible to get there, but makes the query run a long time.

End result needs to be a BAQ, not a SQL query.

Anyone with ideas?

Good Morning Larson. I tried this on 10.2.400.9:
[SalesRep].[SalesRepCode] as [SalesRep_SalesRepCode],
[SalesRep].[Name] as [SalesRep_Name],
(STDEV(SalesRep.CommissionPercent)) as [Calculated_STDDEV]
from Erp.SalesRep as SalesRep
group by SalesRep.SalesRepCode, SalesRep.Name
And I did not received any error.
Why are you not able to use that function? Do you receive an error message?
you mention STDDEV but the function I tried was STDEV to calculate the Standard Deviation.

@ggrimaldo appears to have the right steps. Here is some more info:

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Thanks @ggrimaldo and @Jason_Woods -
I was keying in STDDEV and the font would change to blue like it was a real function.
DEV etc. will not.
I will give STDEV a shot, real game changer.