Standard Epicor Report Parameters to SSRS Output

Might anyone know of a way to capture a report parameter from a STANDARD, out-of-the-box Epicor report so that it can be used in the final SSRS output?

Specifically, I am interested in a single checkbox parameter on the print dialog for the Cycle Count “Print Tags” report (see below):


Keep in mind, this is not a “BAQ Report” and there is no intention of building a “BAQ Report”. I am merely interested in seeing if there is a method for capturing parameter values from standard Epicor report dialog.

If this were a “BAQ Report”, the report parameter in this case might be:

  • (Fields!Check01.Value, “BAQReportParameter”) or…
  • (Fields!Check02.Value, “BAQReportParameter”)

However, in the case of a standard Epicor report dialog window, I don’t see where I might be able to reference a parameter value that exists there.

Can this be accomplished?

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I wonder if this thread might apply?

i.e. if you look at the RptParameter_GUID… instead of CallContextBPMData_GUID?


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Reading up on that thread now, @bordway. Thank you!

Bruce - this was exactly what I needed.

I added in the left outer join to the “RptParameter” table and was able to pull in the “PrintBarCodes” field, like so:

Then, I simply referenced that field to [in my particular case] show, or hide Excel columns that contained barcodes, based on that report parameter selection.

When a user selects “Print Bar Codes”, the output looks like this:

When a user unchecks “Print Bar Codes”, the output looks like this:


Pretty slick.

Thanks again, Bruce. Perfect solution to my problem!